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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 16, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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innovattion. >> thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow night. catch me every day on "the five." tucker carlson is up next. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to a special edict of "tucker carlson tonight." you may not. about it but the second and final presidential debate between joe biden and donald trump is fascinating history and well worth rewatching. trump showed up with a political kill shot. he proved that joe biden was selling access to the u.s.
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government to hostile foreign regimes with hunter's laptop. joe biden did not respond. he said that's russian disinformation. then he said show us your tax returns! trump refused. biden set up a website. unlike donald trump you could trust joe biden. that was the message. why are we telling you this tonight? dredging up history? because 2 years later the roles reversed in a remarkable and hilarious way. we now have donald trump's tax returns. house democrats grabbed them. privacy be damned and released them to the public because donald trump is orange and bad and has no protections under the bill of rights. what do they show? that show that donald trump got
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poorer once he got into politics. he may be the only person this washington you can say that about. trump was not in it for the money. as for joe biden, well you can't say that about joe biden want joe biden never had a private sector job. for more than 50 years he worked at your expense for the u.s. government. he got rich in the process. how did joe biden do that? he doesn't want you to know. now joe biden is hiding his tax returns. the links on his website were deactivated. you are taken to a democratic party fund-raising website. stop asking questions and give us money. it makes you wonder what was happening from 2016 to 2018 that joe biden might want to hide?
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a question no one in the media seems interested in finding the answer. during that same period there was a lot of period accounting going on at joe biden's house in delaware. the same house where more classified documents were found. in 2018 hunter biden was looking to rent property in california. he claimed that he owned the delaware house that joe biden dad says he own. hunter biden and listed the address of that house as his primary residence on his driver's license. this is the same home where joe biden spent a third of his presidency without maintaining visitors logs.
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this is worth knowing. a twitter account found this background check form on hunter's laptop. the document raises questions. not all of which we can answer. the obvious ones include did hunter biden buy his father's home in delaware? was he making rent payments to live? does that amount refer to another property? it was a big amount. hunter biden claimed he was $50,000 a month in housing costs! where did that money come from you? would not think that hunter biden could earn that type of money. he was already thrown out of the u.s. navy for cocaine use and abandoned a rental car with a crack pipe inside and left his wife for his sister-in-law. all of this was public
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information. how does a disgraced drug addict make a $50,000 a month payment? who was paying him and why? why do classified documents keep appearing in homes that hunter biden lived? we have a right to ask those questions. joe biden doesn't feel like answering them. >> mr. president, are you sure there are no more classified documents? >> tucker: [laughing]. well, he's not sure. he's not sure of anything. but they are not bothering to answer questions anymore on this topic. every statement they have begin so far has proven to be false. for example, on january 12th,
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karine-jean pierre the spokeslady at the white house assured us that all classified documents in joe biden's possession had already been found. >> you said the search has been completed. if the president confident there are no other classified documents in additional locations? >> i can refer you to what his team said. the search is complete. he is confident in this process and i will leave it there. >> tucker: what? they are lying about everything. more documents were just found in joe biden's home. clearly an effort to undermine joe biden by his own party and make sure he doesn't run again. they are also an example of breaking the law. having classified documents in your home which we learned after the mar-a-lago raid in august a felony and a threat to this nation's security. cnn is not that concerned.
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they assured us they look into and everything is fine. >> for the republicans the argument is that president biden is not mentally fit to hold office and yet supposed to be this criminal mastermind holding to, to documents for a reason. >> tucker: cnn is not concerned about what the president of the united states has done or broken the law with these classified documents. what are these classified documents? are they nuclear secrets? pertain to china or ukraine? cnn doesn't want to know. they want to talk about criticism from republicans. it's about republicans. they are saying joe biden is a master mind and senile. no one is saying that. joe biden is living the life
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he's live for sometime as a source of cash for his son and brother who made a fortune from hostile foreign governments. hunter biden admitted that on tv. >> you didn't have any extensive knowledge about national gas or ukraine itself? >> no, but i had as much knowledge as anybody else on the board if not more. >> did you not list the fact you were the son of joe biden? >> no. it's impossible for me to be any board without saying i am the son of the vice-president of united states. >> tucker: that lady is no longer on tv for some reason. maybe her questions were too tough. this looks more complicated and bigger than just a story about classified documents misplaced at biden's homes. this might be a clue to the
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vexing question of how joe biden what was a senator for lifetimes was able to have huge houses in delaware over the years. his wife taught at a community college. dr. jill. not actually a doctor. is it possible that joe biden's lifestyle was financed by his son and his dealings with foreign governments? he shared a bank account with his son. when hunter biden left his wife and three children they were broke. could it be that the money was going to joe biden? whose whom hunter biden owned? we don't know. these are interesting questions. at the least the media conceded that joe biden was in possession of classified documents. >> the republicans are going
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nuts about this. how should the white house play it? >> well, they should play it just very straight. these are documents that were found. the reality is that accidents happen all the time. it's not a good reason, but it's a human reason. >> it's easier to accidentally take 12 documents as opposed to explaining how did i get 325 documents? it may have been accidental. >> almost on a daily basis in the u.s. government classified documents is mishandled. they are very, very common. that's entirely different from a scenario where you have somebody trying to give that to a foreign power. >> tucker: the former deputy director of the fbi with a news
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story. three months ago if you asked anybody who are the main contenders for the presidency in 2024. that would be joe biden and donald trump. now under investigation for mishandling classified documents. who is the winner here? the bureaucracy decide who had can and can't run for president. maybe you love or hate trump or love or hate biden. but as a american you get to decide. peter strzok and the creeps at the fbi they don't get to decide. that's not democracy. that's much darker. the two main candidates are now subject to independent counsel
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investigations. voters are not in charge. the people who run the government are in charge. that's interesting. one outlet covering this story and has from the beginning. is the "new york post." this person is with that newspaper. i don't know what this adds up to. what do you think this means? >> i would say it's extremely disconcerting. the chain of events. we have to revisit what hunter biden was doing after joe biden left the vice presidency. he engaged in controversy business dealers with china and he was trying to sell them natural gas. 10% emails stemmed that that
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deal as well. now all of a sudden up pop these classified documents in joe biden's home and hunter biden was staying here during the same period. 2018 and 2019. what is going on here? >> tucker: there is a lot of speculation online about the $50,000 a month payment. did he lie on the form? we don't know the answer to that. $50,000 a month for anything much less housing is a lot. how much money did he have? >> he was making million dollars from foreign oligarchs in china and ukraine. what interest did these people have with hunter biden who was an active crack addict and alcoholic by his own admission. the interest was no business interest. to get access to his father. >> tucker: exactly. thanks for saying that.
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i am not judging his addictions. i feel sorry for him. it's obvious. you don't send them money. >> and another piece, there is evidence he was in the garage with the corvette. joe biden appeared on a youtube show talking about the corvette. he said hunter biden and my son bo helped restore the engine for me. >> tucker: beyond belief. thanks for coming. a really interesting story. 5 days ago the faa ordered a ground stop on all air travel in the u.s. not a single commercial or private aircraft was allowed in the skies. that's very serious. the only other time we had that was after 9-1121 years ago. it's a huge deal.
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-- why did the government ground all the pliance? pete buttigieg who runs the transportation department and oversees the faa said he was not sure. then over the next several hours a story emerged. the government system that send messages to pilots had gone down. then the emergency back up system also went down. the faa noticed this on tuesday night. the government issued a ground stop the next morning. that's what pete buttigieg said. he described the culprit as a damaged database file with no evidence of a cyber attack. pete buttigieg said there was no evidence of a cyber attack. it was just your garden variety software error. shutting down all commercial air travel in this country is a very serious thing to do.
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u.s. airlines air travel is essential and dangerous. one day our system shut down for no real reason. is that what you are telling us? yes, explained pete buttigieg with a straight face. most people seemed to think this. we were not convinced. the next day, last thursday, the same thing happened this canada. that was very strange. the u.s. and canada have separate aviation authorities. they are different countries. each country uses its own software to route pliance. the systems are not linked to each others -- planes. 24 hours after our system went down, canada's system went down also. the canadian government said its system experienced an outage.
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what are the odds of that? on new year's day something similar happened in the philippines. its air traffic control system also went down. no aircraft were allowed in their air space. thousands of flights over asia were rerouted which is expenseiver and dangerous. -- expensive and dangerous. they said calm down, everything is tine. is everything fine? or is it possible that somebody is hacking into aviation systems and holding various governments around the world hostage until they pay a ransom? well, yes, it's entirely possible. for example, in the summer of 2020, a medical school paid more than a million dollars in bit coin to get access to their own computers when were frozen by hackers, held up for ransom.
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what if people just did something like that to the faa? then to the government in canada and the government in the philippines? the biden administration would never tell us that. they would lie about that like they lie about everything. mayor pete would claim it was a software glitch. they would not us to know they allowed a foreign hostile group to take control of our faa. the lie could only cover so much because there would be signs of it. almost all ransoms are paid in bit coin. in the u.s. bought huge amounts of bit coin the prize would surge. has that happened? yes, it happened. since the ground stop last
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thursday. the price of bit coin shot up 20%. is that a coincidence? we asked pete buttigieg to come on the show. he didn't respond to our question. we will keep asking. it's mlk day. you play have been surprised to see it celebrated in boston with a pornographic statue. a member of coretta scott's king family is horrified and join us next.
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♪ every search you make ♪ ♪ every click you take ♪ ♪ i'll be watching you ♪ - [narrator] the internet doesn't have to be so creepy, the duckduckgo app, lets you search and browse pria blocking most trackers all forf your search history is never tracked, so it can't be shared.
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and when you leave search, duckduckgo helps keep companies from watching you as you brows. join tens of millions of people making the easy switch by downloading the app today. duckduckgo, privacy simplified. >> ♪ >> tucker: san francisco is a beautiful city but it has the kind of problems that suggest civilization is falling apart. thousands of people living on the sidewalk and taking drugs. there is a reparations committee that made a big proposals and trace gallagher has been on this story. >> this is not about slavery. california was never a slave state. the san francisco reparation
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committee says this is to make amends to systemic issues. you must be 18 and identify as black or african-american for 10 years. you can qualify if you were born in san francisco between 1940 and 1996. you can get the $5 million by being personally or the direct descendant incarcerated by the failed war on drugs. san francisco if half black
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resident qualify. it's half a billion dollars. san francisco has a $728 million dollars deficit. california can't look to the state because they have a short fall and might be on the hook for its own $500 billion reparation. >> tucker: trace gallagher. thank you very much. reparations raises an interesting question. if you can change your sex just by saying it, why can't you change your race? if they are paying people million dollars within a certain race, who is to say who is of that race? if you don't test people's genetics you will have to let people decide what race they are. everybody will be the favorite race once that is allowed. you are already seeing testimony
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it's mlk day. this is an opportunity for joe biden to show up and pretend he was black. watch this. he is. >> i may be a practicing catholic. i went to 7:30 mass in high school and college before i went to the black church. this is not a joke. >> tucker: he was raised in the black church. in fact he may apply for and reparations in san francisco. in boston to celebrating mlk day they unveiled a statue of mlk. it seems to be mocking king and his wife. the cousin of coretta scott king
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called this disturbing. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. tell us about this statue. a lot of people are confused by it. it seems ugly at best and pornographic at worst. what is this about? >> i think is the product of woke algorithm gone awry. it's like an emperor with no clothes who has the nerve to shout out the emperor was naked. that's what happened. things have gone viral and there is a consensus this statue is a monstrosity. it's martin luther king and nothing should detract from his vision. he was assassinated by the u.s.
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government. he was talking about racial bigotry to class and the war in vietnam. i am a proud member of the scott family. i was upset to see that statue. >> tucker: you made a good point. he shifted to populist economics. i no idea who killed martin luther king but it was not james earl ray acting alone. why is there no interest in that question. >> well, i think it's a big moment. you spend $10 million on something and people [inaudible].
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this is the biggest lesson. we are at a time when black americans are falling behind in education. we have a lot less money. the price of eggs are $9. these things are affecting us. we are mocked by this mon monstrosity that spent $2 million with the partial use of public funds. >> tucker: it's not art. we appreciated you coming on. thank you very much. gosh, it was like 20 minutes anyone who mentioned there might be a link between the covid shot and strokes would be a crackpot. now the cdc is investigating a potential link. we will talk to a trustworthy physician who has looked at the data. straight ahead. special edition of "tucker
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carlson tonight." we'll be right back. can help you be better prepared for unexpected events. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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hi, i'm lauren, i lost 67 pounds on golo. i got picked on as a child. it really got to me, so i tried everything there was. golo and release has definitely shown me that there is hope out there.
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>> tucker: the moment that pfizer's covid booster became available, the cdc recommended it officially. the cdc said the shot was safe and effective just like they told us the vaccine stopped the transmission ever covid. months later -- of -- a lot of people who raised questions were called science deniers. now the cdc said the shot can be dangerous. they found a link between the booster and strokes for folks over the age of 65. this is a professor at john hopkins school of medicine. what do you make of this? >> well, we know that out of
5:37 pm
550,000 medicare people 130 had a stroke within 3 weeks of the new bigvalent vaccine. when there is a significant increase that triggers a deeper dive. the cdc is trying to down play it. they said we checked it out in other databases like the medicare database which is a database of billing codes. not designed to look at clinclinical events. that's not a far stretch. in september we had a big study come out that severe events were
5:38 pm
1 in 800. i am not saying pull vaccines in the market. we pulled vaccines with adverse events that are less than the covid vaccine. the swine flu had 1 in 100,000. there is something there. the fda's only analysis found that there was an incident of embollism 50% higher than baseline from the covid vaccine. they said don't release this data to the public because it will hurt public trust. the way to increase public trust is to be honest and transparent. the cdc said we ran other tests and we didn't see the complication play out.
5:39 pm
you don't just run test after test until one shows that the signals goes away. you run the proper tests which is yet underlying data set should be public information. >> tucker: of course. i don't understand recommending a vaccine not studied in a double blind test. this woman had relatives die in a nursing home who died from covid. he called out these people and wrote a book that celebrates people who challenge the existing order called "i am the storm."
5:40 pm
we were talking about thissed other night. the foreign governor of new york -- who is responsible for the deaths of many perhaps including your in laws and fired for your job for something else. never held to account. how did that effect you? >> it still effects me. i see articles about him resigning in disgrace. i thought he was going to be impeached because of sexual harassment. even though that was terrible, the biggest risk that he presented in his government was putting sick patients into nursing homes. i believe he helped killed thousands of elderly. why aren't we talking about that you? did. you broadcasted that on fox. the mainstream media were still hailing him as a pandemic
5:41 pm
politician and maybe president one day. >> tucker: you're absolutely right. that was in the short term no upside to calling this out as you found out. you didn't get rich by calling this guy out. it inspired to you look at other people who have done similar things am you wrote a book about it. give us an example of the people in this book. >> this is not my comfort zone going up against a powerful dynasty politician. i wanted to find regular every day people that decide to go after something bigger than themselves to make the world bigger than themselves. i interviewed a firefighter whose brother went to d.c. on his dying days to fight for his fellow firefighters that were dying from 9-11 illnesses and to get the healthcare they
5:42 pm
deserved. a mom whose daughter died after opioid obecause. -- abuse. she tries to raise awareness want these are the every day heros that go up against something. david and goliath stories. i am grateful to you and fox and everyone who helped me tell my story. >> tucker: most people are afraid to say anything. it's inspiring to see what they think is true. if you ask the average person when was the first ufo sighting in 1947 in new mexico. 2 years ago before the first atomic bomb was tested witnesses said they saw some craft not from this world crash w with beings inside it and they
5:43 pm
were hauled away by the government. the u.s. is now investigating. we will have the latest.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: the first big ufo sighting was 1947 in rosswell, new mexico. there was a bigger event also in new mexico at the moment the u.s. government detonated the first automatic weapon. witnesses on the ground saw some kind of object crash land. it was inspected by locals. there were being inside and it was carted away by the u.s. government. people don't want to be called crazy so no one said a lot about. people in the u.s. government
5:49 pm
believe it's true and this week the defense department spending bill will require as per congress to investigate what really happened. nick pope is a former ministry defense official. this is a story that most americans are not aware of. clearly people within the u.s. government believe it's real or they would not have attached this to a spending bill, correct? >> yes. you are right. people with and knowledge ever these intelligence programs people made sure there was put into the legislation. it's one of many ufo provisions in the new defense bill. the dod must provide congress with a list of everything they found out about this and all other incidents and programs
5:50 pm
from january 1, 1945 onward. anyone involved will be released from their secrecy oaths and can testify to congress about this. >> tucker: we have a nuclear connection again. the first detonation of a nuclear device. you had ufo sightings around nuclear submarines. nuclear has some connection to these sightings? >> that seems to be the case. congress is demanding answers on this. we have the report from the director of national intelligence that highlighted the fact there were several hundred more sightings being investigated. it talked about unusual flight characteristics. we must get to the bottom of
5:51 pm
this ufo and nuclear connection. >> tucker: yes. thank you for your work on this. if they don't trust you with the first amendment they won't trust you with the second amendment when ensuring that the first amendment remain enforced. the say the of illness's governor decided to take people's guns away. we have an update next.
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>> tucker: assaults weapons were in a small percentage of crimes. not a threat to anybody. but joe biden sees them as a potential threat to political power and thinks only his body guards should have them and not you. the governor of illinois wants to be president and signed a ban
5:57 pm
into law. he is threatening to arrest anyone who doesn't register their rifle with the state. >> it's a fine. but a second instance it's a class 4 felony. there is no purchasing or selling of these weapons in illness. >> tucker: people are leaving chicago because it's too dangerous to live there. now reporting suggests that there is mass disobedence. sheriffs in illinois said they won't enforce this law. here is one of them. do you believe that some sheriffs won't enforce this law? >> yes, absolutely. there are sheriffs all over the
5:58 pm
state. the majority say they won't enforce this. it's unconstitutional and unenforceable. we are in danger of losing our country if we don't stand up. he trashed our constitution with his illegal lockdowns and safety act letting violent criminals out on the street and now coming after our guns. there are 2.5 million legal gun owners in the state of illinois that need a word. if he thinks he will make us register our legally obtained firearms it won't happen. >> tucker: they are not committing threats. one of the dumbest people in our country whose family is rich and he can violate the constitution
5:59 pm
because his family is rich? i hope people say will say and you think they will do that? >> i think they will. violence is out of control in chicago. they have the toughest gun laws in the country. democrats are destroying the ability to make a good wage for too many people in this state. >> tucker: yes. >> that left people behind and that's where the violence comes from. >> tucker: great to see you. thank you. joe biden said happy birthday to martin luther king's daughter-in-law and forget her name. ♪ happy birthday ♪ ♪ to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday ♪ ♪ dear [inaudible] ♪
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>> tucker: singing at al sharpton's group am we are out of time. [laughing]. that was too good. see you then. >> a special edition of "hannity." i am pete in for sean. on saturday we learned that even more obama's era classified documents were unearthed and discovered. this is the fourth finding. coming after the white house press secretary karine-jean


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